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Event suppliers and contractors typically perform the highest-risk works onsite and regulators have high expectations of those engaging contractors; those must take responsibility for confirming and documenting that they have appropriate safe systems of work, valid licenses/permits and suitable insurance coverage.

Released in 2019, Contractor-HQ offers EventManage which is an expansive, event contractor management module which can be used as a simple-to-use compliance framework to prequalify contractors engaged to perform works at events.

It highlights compliance gaps and automates the process of following up event suppliers and staff to upload documentation in relation to the services they’ll be performing. The Contractor-HQ team are experts in regulatory compliance and have created a platform that automatically maps service providers to ascertain what type of licences and certificates must be obtained from the event contractor to ensure their qualifications can be easily verified.

Councils can utilise this tool to manage (a) internally run events or (b) provide it as a framework for those from the community to ensure that regulatory compliance can be easily maintained. ContractorManage has been designed to facilitate this process (through automation) to let councils manage the process “by exception” and save hours of human resources if they’re involved in the process of collecting and maintaining the records on an ongoing basis.

EventManage has been designed to simplify the process of collecting required documentation from suppliers, while also helps administrators quickly identify which gaps need to be filled.

Strathbogie Shire Council – Case Study

EventManage digitised the process for the events team to capture new event applications and streamlined the communication lines between the applicant and those involved from other departments. They’d previously relied on manual processes to collate the information from members of the general population and present it to other internal stakeholders. EventManage helped replace Excel spreadsheets, plus multitudes of emails and phone calls to external organisers to capture the required information in the required format.

Evoc Safety can assist you with your Occupational Heath and Safety and Public Safety requirements to ensure your event runs safely.

Specialised skills:

– POPE Qualified Safety Officer
– Volunteer/ Contractor Inductions
– Pre-event / Post- Event Safety (Bump in / Bump Out)
– OH&S Compliance
– COVID Safety Management

Selected experience:

– Australian Open / 2018,2020,2021
– Midnight Oil at Mount Duneed / 2021
– Queenscliff Music Festival / 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
– Portarlington Celtic Festival / 2018, 2019
– Smart Living and Building Expo / 2017, 2018

First In Last Out (FILO) deliver management services for cultural and corporate events, festivals and the performing arts, with a focus on Production + Operations Management and Risk + Safety.

Led by Emily O’Brien, together with a bunch of production legends, FILO collaborates with a wide range of independent and freelance production personnel and with other production and technical services organisations.

FILO expands and contracts, allowing the company to engage the most appropriate collaborators for each unique project.

For FILO, Emily O’Brien has delivered the following projects:

– Risk and Safety Lead, Senior Production Management (MONA FOMA 2016-2021)
– Risk and Safety Consultant (ACMI, 2021)
– Risk and Safety Lead, Production Coordination (City of Melbourne – Creative Laneways, 2021)
– Risk and Safety Lead, Production + Operations Manager for Meat Market/Weelam (YIRRAMBOI, 2021)
– Risk and Safety Consultant, Operations Manager (Can’t Do Tomorrow, 2020)

Experienced Project, Event, Production and Site Manager

Accredited Safety Officer, COVID-Safe planning and management, OH&S and site induction design.

Selected past festivals include:

– Dark Mofo
– Melbourne Festival
– Beyond the Valley
– Laneway Festival
– Boogie Festivals
Plus many more large and small festivals

Modus Operandi Australia

Phone: 399899957

Modus Operandi Australia is a full service agency specialising in the arts, entertainment and hospitality industries.

We are scalable and dynamic in our approach and can offer services ranging from the oversight of a single functional area through to the complete planning, management and execution of your event from start to finish.

We can do anything or everything and have the capability to manage multiple festival departments concurrently, without compromise to the quality of our output.

We’re flexible in our approach and will work with you to strategise and execute a winning plan which ensures your goals are met and your patrons walk away with memorable experiences they’ll be talking about for eons.

Patron enjoyment is our priority over all else, the smiles are what made us join the circus.

we’re black and white // without the bull$#it.
Modus Operandi Australia – Part of the Modus Australia Group.

Provider of Event Safety Services.

Their offerings include:

– COVID Safe Event plans for all jurisdictions (including submission of COVID Safe Event plans, COVID Safe Event Checklists, Attestation Forms [Victorian Public Event Framework Tier 1, 2, 3])
– Emergency, Risk and Safety Management Plans
– COVID Supervisors and Marshals
– Tailored Safety Management Systems
– Event Operation Control and Management Staff for Greenfield or Outdoor Events/ Festivals
– Liaison with Government Departments and VicPol
– Management of Event Operations Centre at COVID approved Events
– Provision of COVID Supervisors and Marshals
– Provision of Safety Officers (Place of Public Entertainment)
– Tailored design of Event Safety Management Systems

Selected festivals and events include:

– Sounds Better Together (4 events in Regional Victoria in January 2021 sponsored by State Government)
– Various Winery Festivals (6 events including 1 SBT) at Rochford Winery (Yarra Valley) from January 2021 including 2 x Wine Machine, The Big 90s Party, Vine Warp, Grapevine Gathering
– Frontier Touring presents Midnight Oil at Mt Duneed Estate (March 2021)

Holistic Risk Assessment and Risk profiling for outdoor greenfield events.

Safety In Numbers is a small business providing event risk and safety consulting services. Established by Tracey Wall and based in Melbourne, our efforts are concentrated in supporting local government, community, artistic and commercial events and festivals of all shapes and sizes. We have a rich history of success based on the traditional philosophies of personalised, friendly and prompt delivery of high quality event services.

Safety in Numbers is able to apply experience and skill in assisting clients with event management and safety strategies including end to end event management or any of the following: Risk management ,COVIDSafe event design and execution, Emergency management/incident control , Traffic management, Permits and compliance (POPE), Stakeholder engagement, OHS, Training, Public Safety, Security management, We can also supply experienced event staff including Site Managers,Public Safety Officers, Site Safety Officers and COVID Marshals.

Current spread of music clients includes St Jerome Laneway Festival, Hardware Corporation, Hanging Rock concerts, Velodrome Events, Marvel Stadium concerts for multiple promoters , Melbourne Music Week, Music Victoria and Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

The Hey Mate Project

The Hey Mate

The Hey Mate Gig Initiative works to support and stamp out the stigma and social isolation experienced with mental health and anxiety.

They provide social and emotional support to improve the well being and overall experience of back-of-house artists, crew, etc, and front-of-house gig-goers attending events.

Working in conjunction with artists, venues, festivals, touring companies and more they aim to build a more inclusive and considerate culture, experience, and wider community.

The goal of the Hey Mate Gig Initiative is to change the way we look at wellbeing in the arts, bringing back that feel-good feeling for creatives, artists, industry professionals and the wider community.

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