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Terms and conditions

Red Galleon does not charge for initial meetings. Additional meetings may incur a fee and may include travel expenses.
We will notify you prior to any additional expenses being incurred for meetings.
Printing quotes supplied by Red Galleon will include all set up costs and communications. We can supply artwork to a nominated printer, this may incur additional fees if changes are required. Print quotes valid for 30 days. All care but no responsibility will be taken for errors on work approved that goes to press. Please check all proofs carefully before approval.
Colours on printed materials will alter between proof and final printed versions. Colour books are available for colour matching in Pantone or CMYK.
Your estimate will include either one or two rounds of changes. Additional changes thereafter may incur an additional fee. Corrections and changes must be compiled and supplied as one document, either as hard copy, or annotated electronic file. Any changes required within a 24 or 48 hour period may incur an additional fee.
If possible, line artwork (ie logos, diagrams etc) should be supplied in a vector format such as Adobe Illustrator or PDF. Other images need to be supplies as JPG, or PNG in case of images requiring a transparent background. Text files need to be supplied as Word documents or plain text format (TXT). All files need to be supplied via email, Dropbox or on a USB drive.
Production Schedule:
This proposal may be subject to a production schedule. Where unforeseen circumstances arise, we will not be responsible for changes or delays to the production schedule. Such circumstances can include late instructions from you or late supply from you or changes requested by you.
Please supply all text UNFORMATTED in Microsoft word or in the body of an email message. Indicate Sections, Headings and Sub headings with carriage returns.
Web Sites:
Estimates are based on sitemaps as outlined in our project summary. Additional costs may be incurred if we need to develop further page designs or CMS functions (ie unique galleries, forms, shopping carts or page layout variations). Backups of all files supplied and databases is your responsibility.
Use of fonts outside of the public domain may require the purchase of licensed fonts. Such licenses may only cover use of the font in particular media, such as on a website or in printed matter, and it cannot be assumed that the purchase of a license will cover the use in all situations. Google fonts are free and don’t require licensing.
Photos to be supplied as PNG, JPEG or Photoshop files. Scanning of prints or artwork may incur an additional fee. File manipulation may also incur an additional fee.
Invoices issued monthly. Payment 14 days from date of invoice. If payment is not received, you agree Red Galleon can retain or recover all our work & designs in the interim period until payment. Overdue invoices may incur additional fees.
Accounts exceeding 90 days will have any discounts previously applied reversed. A $25.00 administration fee and a 10% collection surcharge will also be added to your account prior to your debt being handed over to our debt collectors.


  1. Each party will retain as its exclusive property all of its existing intellectual property. Client will however grant to Red Galleon a non-exclusive royalty free license to use any of its existing intellectual property to the extent necessary for Red Galleon to carry out its Services.
  2. Subject to the payment by Client to Red Galleon of all amounts owing by Client, it is agreed that Client will own all right, title and interest, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights, in the works and deliverables produced by Red Galleon at the request of Client. Effective upon receipt by Red Galleon of all of the said amounts and subject to clause 1., Red Galleon assigns to Client without any restriction and with worldwide effect, any and all rights, title and interest, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, in all deliverables and works brought into existence by Red Galleon or under its direction and for which such amounts have been received.
  3. Client acknowledges and agrees that Red Galleon may retain and use a copy of all deliverables and works – stored in any form or media – for reference purposes and to include as part of its portfolio for future work commissions, or as otherwise required by law.

Other rights:
Red Galleon guarantees that all our work is original work. If you supply initial ideas and any artwork that you request we work from, you guarantee that you have permission for us to use your ideas and artwork as requested and you indemnify us fully against any claims that may arise from that use.
We cannot guarantee that any work or designs produced by us will be able to be trademarked or be free from attack for trade mark infringement. We recommend you engage a trademark lawyer to conduct investigations before you adopt any work or design as a trademark. More information on trademarks can be found at: www.ipaustralia.gov.au

Web projects will include technical support as outlined in the proceeding pages and 1 hour of training. Additional training, design changes or new page layouts may incur further fees and are as per these terms. Please contact us for a schedule of support or maintenance fees.

Additional Terms:

  1. Red Galleon is not responsible for any legal disputes, proceedings, changes in business fortune, or search engine rank changes as a result of our designs or recommendations.
  2. Red Galleon will not be responsible for problems resulting from changes to advertisements, printed materials or websites that have been requested and approved by you.
  3. Red Galleon is not responsible for erroneous implementation of recommendations by you.
  4. Red Galleon is not responsible for negative results to sales.
  5. In the event of early termination of the contract by you, a termination fee will apply and a charge will be made for any work undertaken by Red Galleon up to that time.
  6. To be covered by our professional indemnity insurance you must sign this document.